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Paint Color plays a huge role in the look and feel of a space. It is the easiest and most affordable way to see major transformation, without having to knock down walls or expand doorways. Color can transform a small room and make it feel spacious and in the same note make a large room feel intimate and cozy. The amount of psychological manipulation that color has on our brains is truly remarkable, so the weight of choosing a paint color can be overwhelming! So we thought we would share some NSH Designer Favorites to narrow down your choices.  We broke down all the colors into categories that we will be featuring in the coming months but for March we are featuring a few of our favorite blue paint colors.

The color blue is a favorite of the New South Home team, and our clients love it as well. Some of the spaces we’ve been able to transform with this soft color has made us fall more in love with the bright and airy blue palette. The soft blue color seems to be universally pleasing and most clients find it to be soothing and not too intense for their space.  This has caused the trend to really expand beyond bathrooms and hotel spas! Here are a few excellent examples of the trend in a variety of spaces (including a Southern Living Idea House Porch):





Have you all heard about the Southern Tradition of the blue porch ceiling? Although it used to be just a “Southern thing”, the pale blue tale has expanded to porches all over the country! There are many theories behind the haint blue ceiling- a bit of good luck, fooling wasps and mosquitos to think it is an extension of the sky, to scaring away evil spirits.  It is no longer just a thing of the South, it’s a fun way to spruce up your outdoor space and add some visual interest to you porch ceiling!

 image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4 image 5


Since New South Home is based in the South (does the name give it away?) we feel this blue palette is appropriate year round and allows for the addition of color without over saturating the walls!  We’ve used the following colors in clients spaces and wanted to share with you our favorites! So without further ado:

Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue (HC-147): If you follow us on social media or read our Easter Table prep blog post, you have seen this photo before. This dining space has great natural light and this blue makes the space light and airy! Woodlawn blue has a hint of green and a touch of gray depending on the natural light in your space so be sure to paint a sample in a few areas.







Sherwin Williams Drizzle (SW6479): This shade of blue is the most saturated in our favorites list. It’s a bit brighter and richer than the softer shades to follow. It is a great backdrop for lighter furniture, and would be a great choice for a coastal/nautical room. This client had great white sofas and bright white trim, which gave this brighter blue paint great contrast! It also looks phenomenal with our Kalahari Aqua Drapery Panels.



Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 4.35.22 PM



Sherwin Williams Watery (SW6478): This color by Sherwin Williams has a more aqua hue, a great shade to use in smaller spaces (this could be a good option for your haint porch ceiling… ). We used it in a dining room and brought in some Navy with Garden Gate Indigo upholstered chairs.





Hill Dining Room Cropped

Sherwin Williams Topsail (SW 6217): Our softest blue in the collection of favorites. This is a great option if you are looking to add a little color to your tray ceiling (as shown in the dining room below) It’s soft and not too overwhelming, a great option for all you neutral paint lovers! Not too much commitment- just a touch of blue.






Sherwin Williams Rainwashed (SW6211): Last but certainly not least we have Rainwashed, a soft greenish-blue that is a very serene color. We’ve use it in this dining room below and love the “feel” it gave the space. It’s a very relaxing color without drawing too much attention to the space. (Looks grate with our Garden Gate Aqua Drapery panels)





There are a few “runner ups” that didn’t make the list that we still love and wanted to share.  Here are a few additional options to look into: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray, Sherwin Williams Window Pane, and Farrow and Ball Parma Gray. We wish you the best of luck with your painting! Share your photos with us- we LOVE to see the transformation!

Happy Painting!

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