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Y’all, choosing a paint color can be so stressful! Especially if you’re not really into colors! The worst feeling is narrowing down your 75 billion swatches to a handful, then taping them to the wall, only to stare at them clueless for what could be weeks! Our goal with the paint series posts, is to help narrow your options down to a few solid colors that will give you the perfect launching point for painting your room! We ALWAYS recommend painting samples on the wall, and seeing the color in different lighting before making a final decision is crucial! It’s easier to paint a new swatch than an entire room!

Here are a few go-to neutral paint colors that we think you might like!


Worldly Gray is the perfect shade for walls that you want to just disappear. It’s a soft shade, thats not too gray and not too beige! A great transitional color for those of you that haven’t jumped on the gray paint bandwagon!



This shade of white has a slightly warmer hue that pairs well with warmer grays! It’s our go-to white for cabinetry. This image of our clients kitchen below shows white dove on the cabinets, and was a great pair for the warmer shades in the backsplash tile.



This probably looks and sounds familiar. We’ve shared this shade of gray in our great grays blog post. It is a great soft warm gray that works well in a variety of spaces both large and small. It’s been a solid choice lately for many clients!

image courtesy of Laura Sumrak


This lovely warm shade reminds me of the beach. It definitely has that sandy shade to it that allows warm colors to pair well, think coral and sage. This image below shows exactly what I am referring to (sort of a Tommy Bahama vibe!)

Paintimage source

What are your thoughts? We want your feedback on these shades! If you tackle a paint project this weekend, we would LOVE for you to share your room! Any paint dilemmas you’ve run into lately? Do share!

Happy Painting!

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