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one room challenge logoHi, y’all!! I am so excited to be participating in our first One Room Challenge over the next 6 weeks! There are plenty of rooms in my home that could use a little updating these days (as a full-time interior designer, wife of a budget-conscious accountant, and mom of 2, I sometimes feel like the cobbler’s wife around here!). However, there is one room in particular that desperately needs some attention. My 3 year-old daughter, Sienna, is officially wearing size 4 clothes and that baby room has got to go!


Sienna Jane, Christmas 2015

For those of you not familiar with the One Room Challenge, it is a twice yearly event hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful that challenges bloggers and interior designers to completely overhaul a room in their home in a short 5 weeks (!!!!!). I will be keeping y’all updated each week with my progress as I work on Sienna’s Big Girl Room with pictures, tips, and sources for everything I find for the space. We have collaborated with bloggers over the past year on ORC projects, but this is the first time I’ve taken the plunge to participate myself! Here are a few links to the One Room Challenges we’ve worked on with Mallory Fitzsimmons from Style Your Senses and Sarah Knepp at Sarah Sofia Productions.

One Room Challenge Guest Room Makeover by Style Your Senses – April 2015

One Room Challenge Master Bedroom Makeover by Style Your Senses – October 2015

One Room Challenge Living Room Makeover by Sarah Sofia Productions – October 2015

You can also check out all of the other talented participants for this go around and their projects HERE!

Now, let’s dig into what I’ve got in store over the next 5 weeks – Sienna’s current room is still the nursery that I decorated for my 6 year-old son, almost 7 years ago. We did a gender neutral nursery because we waited to find out the gender of both of our children until they were born (this was totally my husband’s idea, and somehow he sold me on it). The popular neutral back then was still brown, and I remember struggling the find the PERFECT fabric to base the room design off of.

One Room Challenge NurseryAnd……there it is, the “perfect” paisley print in brown, lime green, and turquoise. I found it in a fancy baby store and was quoted over $300 for just the custom bumper with ruffles and ties. Knowing the hubs would have a coronary if I even THOUGHT that would be an appropriate amount to spend, I moved along and into a fabric store in the same shopping center and (…queue the choir of angels…) there it was, 8 yards of the same “perfect” paisley, for only $19/yard. I snatched it all up and took it home to figure out how on Earth I was going to sew all of this stuff myself!

Well, after COUNTLESS hours of frustration, poked fingers, curse words, and pregnant exhaustion, I managed to churn out a ruffled bumper with a removable cover, crib skirt, valance, and pillow out of this “perfect paisley”. Let’s just say I realized then how much I did not know about sewing and realize now how much extra time I had on my hands before I had kids!!

Pic of the room after I finished it for my son:

One Room Challenge Nursery

My accountant husband also has a little creative side and painted the wall mural with the birds being inspired from a dress I found on a shopping trip in LA

One Room Challenge Nursery

Below is a close-up of the infamous Beast – of all of the things that I made for that nursery, that d*** bumper definitely had the most blood, sweat, and tears poured into it. After sewing that monster I realized why they charged $300 for one of those things!!

One Room Challenge Nursery

Here’s what the room looks like now – the bumper cover is missing (we had a bit of an incident that – I’m sure you other Moms can imagine – required it to be removed and washed). Putting the cover back on takes at least a 30 minute workout that would make Jillian swoon, so after that “said incident”, I decided we could loose it. The last 3 letters of her name (the only thing that was changed in the room between kids) are probably under the crib after Sienna snatched them off the wall during a “nap”. And the crib skirt has been dragging on the ground for years since we lowered the mattress when she started standing up.

One Room Challenge Nursery

One Room Challenge Nursery

One Room Challenge Nursery

Doesn’t look much different, huh? Queue the budget-conscious accountant husband whose voice is always in my head (and in my ear) when even CONSIDERING doing an update around the house.

Let’s just say I am thrilled to finally have an excuse to update a room for the One Room Challenge, especially with pretty girly things such as bows, the color pink, metallics, and monograms! Even with her older brother around, Sienna is certainly very girly – she LOVES the color pink, the movie “Frozen”, and anything to do with princess dresses. I’m dreaming up a feminine, but not too young, room that hopefully can last for her until she’s a teenager!

Here’s what I’ve got to source and install in the next (eeek!) 4-5 weeks:

•Big Girl Bed


•Paint (and maybe a wallpaper accent wall??)

•Window Treatments

•Chair for Reading


•Side Table




Yes, this is going to be a total room overhaul. Here are some images to share my inspiration – a little French Provincial and a touch of modern sophistication with creamy whites, blush pinks, subtle grays, and overall feminine touches.

One Room Challenge Girl's Room Inspiration

Via Interiorish.com

One Room Challenge Girl's Room Inspiration

Via TopHomeDesignz.com

One Room Challenge Girl's Room Inspiration

Via stylishoms.com

Wish me luck as I try to piece all of these items together in 1/3 of the time we normally take to finish a client project! Did I say EEEEKKK already??

And with that, I’m off to plan for my first One Room Challenge! 🙂

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