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It’s me again with another update on my One Room Challenge project where I’m working on an ultra feminine big girl room makeover for my daughter. I made a lot more progress this week and am excited to say that I LOVE how things are turning out!! To get everyone caught up on what I’ve been working on, here are the last three posts to see where I started to where I am now

Week One – Neutral Baby Nursery Needs an Update

Week Two – Big Girl Room Plans with Mood Boards

Week Three – Big Girl Daybed has Moved In!

The whole design scheme was pulled from this Candice Olsen Wallpaper from York Wallcoverings and I’m happy to say that it’s officially on the wall!! I am certainly NOT talented enough to hang wallpaper, but I’ve taken it down too many times to count. Luckily my experienced wallpaper installer was able to knock out this single accent wall in a little over an hour, which just shows how easy it can be when you know what you’re doing!

One Room Challenge Girl Room wallpaper york wall modern artisan flourish

York Wall’s Modern Artisan Flourish

Let’s break for a second here – I am going to get on my little soapbox about Wallpaper. I know that we have all seen SO MANY outdated homes on our favorite TV shows or in real life that are covered in wallpaper. The idea of it probably makes you cringe because the thought of having to take wallpaper down is unbearable. I hear ya. I’ve spent multiple hours/days of my life removing old, outdated wallpaper in more than one house. However, I have good news for you! The marketing geniuses at York Wallcoverings realized that people weren’t buying wallpaper for the FEAR OF HAVING TO TAKE IT DOWN. They have now developed STRIPPABLE wallpaper that makes is super easy to remove when you’ve decided that you’re ready for something different. And, whether you hire an installer, or hang it yourself, make sure to “SIZE” the walls before applying the wallpaper. It is a special paste that is applied to the walls before hanging the wallpaper that makes it even easier to remove when you’re ready to take it down. So there are two methods of defense that will now allow you to Wallpaper Without Regret!

And, speaking of wallpaper, if you read our blog post from Monday, one of our top 5 trends from the High Point Market was Wall Texture and wallpaper is certainly one of them. Our clients are slowly warming up to the idea of us hanging it in their homes and we LOVE using it. We started small with accent walls, powder bathrooms, or the back of bookcases but we are officially wallpapering an entire breakfast room for a client next month and we cannot wait!!

Alright, back to my makeover – the tree that my husband so lovingly painted for the nursery is gone (not forever, just hidden behind wallpaper) and the wallpaper is in! I just love how it turned out – having it on one wall doesn’t overwhelm the room but gives it something a little special over just painted walls.

One Room Challenge Girl Room Pink Floral Wallpaper York Wall Flourish

I have a plan for that little brown side table!!

One Room Challenge Girl Room Pink Floral Wallpaper York Wall Flourish

Still lots to do here, but we’re getting there!

Speaking of painted walls, I also had the walls painted in Sherwin Williams White Dogwood and it’s just the perfect shade of blush pink. It’s more of a sophisticated pink that will hopefully grow with her as she gets older. It’s also super subtle so you don’t feel like you walked straight into the middle of a Bubblicious bubble when you enter the room. Let’s just say Mommy and Daughter are super happy with how things are shaping up!

One Room Challenge Sherwin Williams White Dogwood

Sherwin Wiliams White Dogwood


One Room Challenge Sherwin Williams White Dogwood Blush Pink Paint

Blue is gone, pink is ON!!

So, the walls are done and the main furniture piece, the bed, is in. I still have 2 weeks to get this project complete, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for you. I’m happy that my One Room Challenge To Do List has some items officially crossed off, though!

•Big Girl Bed



Wallpaper Accent Wall

•Window Treatments – Ordered and waiting to arrive

•Chair for Reading – Chosen, need to install

•Dresser – Chosen, need to install

•Side Table – Need to do some DIY Spray Painting Here

•Throw pillows – Ordered

•Lamps – Need to do some DIY Spray Painting Here

•Mirror – Need to Hang

•Artwork – Need to Figure Out!!

I’m hoping that I’m not the only one with less than half of my To Do list done! Check out the others participating in the One Room Challenge to see their progress HERE! I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been up to!

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